2018 Tax Deadlines  for 2017 tax year

Below are the tax deadlines for businesses and individual tax filers.

Form  2018 Filing Due Date (Tax Year 2017)

Form W-2 (electronic or mail)                                   January 31st

Form 1099                                                              January 31st                                      

Form 1065 – Partnerships                                        March 15th

Form 1120S – S Corporations                                   March 15th

Form 1040 – Individuals                                          April 17th

FinCEN 114 – FBAR (will be allowed to extend)          April 17th 

Form 1041 – Trusts and EstatesForm                        April 17th     

1120 – C Corporations                                             April 17th

Form 990 Series – Tax Exempt Org                           May 15th



Form 1065 Extended Return                                     September 17th


Form 1120S Extended Return                                   September 17th

Form 1041 Extended Return                                     October 1st

Form 1120 Extended Return                                     October 15th

Form 1040 Extended Return                                     October 15th

FinCEN 114 (Extended with Form 1040  )                    October 15th


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