Stock brokers, lenders and employers will start sending you the tax forms and statements by January 31st. The Internal revenue service (IRS) gives companies time until January 31st to mail out these statements. Many currently send it out electronically instead of postal mail. The following are the mostly common tax forms that you should expect to receive by January 31st 2018.


  1. 1099 MISC : If during the year, you worked as a consultant or a contractor, you may have been issued a form 1099-MISC. This he form that is used to report any non-employee compensation.
  2. 1099 K : If you earned as a freelancer in any ride sharing companies you will be issued form 1099-K. This form 1099-K reports income processed through 3rd party providers eg : Paypal. A payment process Paypal for example, is required to report income using 1099-K if the gross payments
    • Exceed $20,000 and
    • Exceed 200 transactions during the year.
  3. 1098 : this is the mortgage statement sent by your lender.
  4. 1098 E and 1098-T – These are both relating to education. 1098 E provides information about tax deductible student loan interest. 1098 T offers information on the eligible education costs paid for attending a higher education institution.
  5. 1095 A, B & C– All these forms relate to health insurance coverage. 1095 A is sent to you if you purchased it through healthcare  marketplace. These forms are informational. Use them to prepare your taxes if you are preparing taxes yourself or hand them over to your tax preparer. This form can trigger notices from the Internal Revenue service if not entered correctly on your tax return.
  6. W 2 : This is the annual salary statement that you would have received from your regular employer. This includes information about your federal taxes, state taxes withheld etc.
  7. 1099 INT : Usually sent by stock brokers and banks if they paid you any interest during the year.
  8. 1099 DIV: This is usually sent if there was any dividend that was paid out during the year.
  9. Partnership K-1s , S Corporation or other entities : You may receive K-1s if you own partial interest in other corporations or partnerships.

After you receive the forms, review them for accuracy and completeness.


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