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What are the characteristics of a W-4 form?

Sep 04,2017 at 03:41 am

W4 form is used by the employer to withhold taxes from an employee paycheck. This is based on the information provided by the employee via the W4 form. There is one important note as many employees miss out & find out only at the time of tax filing.

If you have any major life event lik...

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If I moved out of my primary residence two years ago and since then I have been renting it out. Will I have to pay capital gains taxes if I sell it now?

Sep 04,2017 at 02:42 am

For real estate property sale, you can exclude up to $250,000 of gain ($500,000 if you are married jointly) on the sale of your home. In order to qualify for this exclusion, you need to meet the eligibility test.

The eligibility test is as follows :

  1. You are eligible if your hom...

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15 Tax tips for entrepreneurs

Sep 03,2017 at 01:00 am

As an entrepreneur, you are busy managing various key functions of your business. If you are like most entrepreneurs, you are thinking about taxes only around the tax filing deadline.

Around tax time you may soon find out that either you are paying too much in taxes or that you withheld t...

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Is there any benefit to incorporate an app development agency as Delaware C-Corp instead of LLC in other states?

Sep 01,2017 at 06:39 pm

Delaware is a very popular choice for technology businesses. Also, most Fortune 500 top companies choose Delaware because of the well-established business law system.

This is also a very popular question on Quora, so a short response would be if you are raising VC capital or banks then C C...

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What is the best website for LLC formation?

Sep 01,2017 at 06:05 pm

There are many websites for LLC formation. In addition to this, many CPA firms also provide this service. The main advantage is that they can help you evaluate your tax situation & suggest the best options. Also, many offer accounting and business consultation services which you may find very...

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