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Do US citizens have to pay annual taxes if you live abroad

Aug 26,2017 at 02:51 am

Yes, US Citizens have to pay taxes on world wide income even if you are living abroad.

In this scenario, especially we highly recommend that you consult a CPA or a tax professional etc. Certainly not recommended for DIY even if you are generating minimum or no income. They usually have hig...

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Which US state has the lowest overall fees for incorporating and maintaining a LLC for a non-resident

Aug 25,2017 at 03:36 am


There are many states that have low LLC state filing fees like Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri. ($50-$100 range)

However, for most non-residents, Delaware is very popular. This is because of the well-established business law processes & procedures in Delaware...

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How do I pay extra taxes for the remainder of the year to make up for a lack of paying federal taxes thus far?

Aug 25,2017 at 03:13 am

f you are an employee, you can complete the form W4 and hand it over to your payroll department. Your employer will withhold taxes for you.

If you are self-employed or as a 1099 contractor, then you need to calculate your estimated taxes 1040-ES is the form.

Below blog article has l...

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Can you write off moving expenses on taxes?

Aug 21,2017 at 05:15 am

Did you recently move to a new job? You may be eligible for moving expense deduction if you changed locations or moved into a new home. New home refers to the main home and not a vacation or seasonal home.

Eligible expenses may be claimed as a tax deduction if they pass three tests :


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Hidden costs of LLC

Aug 16,2017 at 04:28 am

Frequently asked question relating to hidden costs of LLC vs Corporations

LLC, in fact,  have lower maintenance costs as compared to a C or S Corporation. Corporations may have additional compliances.

Depending on y...

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