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1099 Compliance Basics for Businesses, Corporations & Independent contractors

Jan 06,2018 at 06:22 pm

For Businesses & Corporations

As a business owner, you may be hiring independent contractors for your business. If you have paid any amount greater than $600 during the calendar year, you may be required to file a FORM 1099-MISC with IRS. A copy is sent to the contract...

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2018 Tax Deadlines  for 2017 tax year

Jan 01,2018 at 05:05 pm

Below are the tax deadlines for businesses and individual tax filers.

Form  2018 Filing Due Date (Tax Year 2017)

Form W-2 (electronic or mail)                                   January 31s...

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Here's how the new tax bill will impact your taxes

Dec 23,2017 at 04:21 pm

Below are few major tax highlights and the impact the new tax plan may have on your 2018 tax bill. (Individual tax filers)

  1. Health insurance: There is no penalty for not buying health insurance
  2. Estate taxes-exempts most: Es...

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How the tax plan impacts your business

Dec 23,2017 at 04:19 pm

Below are few major highlights for Corporations/ Businesses.

  1. Reduction in corporate tax rate: Under the new tax plan, corporate income is taxed at a top rate of 21% instead of 35%.
  2. Alternate Minimum tax: The bill repeals AM...

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9 Year End Tax Planning Strategies for High income earners

Dec 17,2017 at 09:38 pm

Year- end tax planning tips for high income earners


1) Accelerate deductions:  Accelerate deductions in December to take the deduction in the current year. However, be aware of the items that may be subject to Alternate M...

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